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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 29, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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dead, in that house fire on helen street, in kensington. good morning, everyone, also developing right now, police in west philly are searching for the vehicle that hit a little girl and kept going. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now, from children's hospital, where that young victim is receiving treatment. syma, good morning >> police are hoping eyewitness video will help them catch the suspect. >> little girl fighting for her life after hit by a car. seven year old alore mcclane hit just outside of her home before 7:00 sunday night, near 42nd and pennsgrove, street. the victim's family says she ran to retrieve a ball in the street, when a car hit her, dragging her in the process. >> hit her, then ran over, then stopped and looked back, and seen that he hit someone, or she hit someone. and took off and kept going. >> witnesses say, a car stopped to let the girl cross, but the driver behind that person decided to go around
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the stopped car, and that's when the girl was struck. >> i heard a big boom sound. and i look behind, i seen roll over little girl, then fly by me. >> sean smith was driving nearby, when he saw what happened. he chased down the driver, not knowing a seven year old was the one that got hit. >> i knew that hit somebody. i didn't know it was cents a little girl. so i followed them, you know, safe as i could, try to get the tag number. >> smith got video of the fleeing car, using his cell phone. >> i knew it was cents a seven year old, i probably would have stopped him. but i was just trying the tag number, i know he had hit somebody. if i knew it was as seven year old, man, no telling what i would have done. >> told the girl is in stable condition. family members hope the person who did this will dot right thing. >> who ever it is, i hope you are man enough, woman enough, to turn yourself in. >> and, as for the car, police are looking for a light green mitsubishi out lander with pennsylvania license plate jky7458. if you have any information, you are being asked to contact
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police. live outside of chop, syma chowdhry, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i syma, thank you. new this morning, intense flames destroy home in upper dublin, montgomery county overnight. this video from brian soul sean shows what firefighters were up against battling huge fire along east wind circle. flames gutted the house but fortunately there were no injuries reported. and an investigation into the cause that far fire is underway. also, overnight, a robbery at the holiday inn in south philadelphia is robbed. it happened shortly after 3:30 a.m., in the 900 block of packer avenue near citizens bank park. investigators tell us, a man entered the lonnie, and stole cash register. he got away with and disclosed amount of money. to 1 cents was jut injured. looking for surveillance video to help them catch the thief. three people are hospitalized, this morning, following a three car crash in june at a happened just after 12:30, in front of the erie lanes bowling alley, that's on the
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1300 block of east erie avenue. you can see the impact there sent one car into a park vehicle. two of the three victims have serious injuries. one person is being tested for driving, for suspicion of driving, under the influence. 803 our traffic and weather together. start things off with katie on the skydeck. how's it feel? >> little bit of a breeze out here on the skydeck granted. sun is really trying to peak through the clouds, the problem it will have hard time doing so here today. that said, we still have got very nice day overall. if you can handle a little bit of cloud cover, you will like what we've got to offer up here for you. we start things off by taking you out quickly to look back in time. over the temperatures that bee saw. they really sky rocketed, starting fly, really, but the weekend specially mid low 80s, i mean, you are talking summer like conditions for sure. this is the end of september. so, a little late in terms of some of the summer like warmth. but we take t today actually expecting the daytime high to hit 08 once again, here is
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why, granted the clouds filling in here, actually quite a decent batch of rain over across central new jersey, or i should say, virginia, rather, here, but it is not going to be affecting us here as the day goes on. we are really just going have to deal with couple of clouds as the day progresses, still specking daytime high to hit 08, despite cloud cover, mid upper 70s expected down the shore, up in the poconos, and part of it is just because we're off to such warm start. so many locations currently low to mid 60s, way above where we should be for this time of day on this day of the year. vittoria, we send it to you. >> good morning, we are definitely hoping that in some areas you will rise above the delays. but not so much. that is monday morning, everyone going back to school and back to work. with that, comes volume. if you are headed in the westbound direction, you are going to find that slow down coming off of 95, then making your way down toward broad street and the schuylkill expressway, if you are traveling on 95, out of northeast philadelphia, you're already jammed from about academy through to the vine. traveling on the ben franklin
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bridge, you are going to be jammed as well. obviously approaching 676, that admiral wilson boulevard, then all the way down through to eighth and vine, right lane being taken out as a result of construction, now traveling on the schuylkill, averaging speed censor is six. expect that usual pocket around city avenue. eleven average on 95, 21 traveling the blue route. high volume northbound on the blue route between 95 and baltimore pike, then watch out for delays around the mid-county toll plaza affecting westbound pa turnpike. then continuing southbound on 476, moving down toward the schuylkill expressway. we do have an accident at edge hill road horace avenue. be mindful of. that will also an accident at houston road at night road. and if you are traveling, out of the area of bucks county, you have some pretty severe traffic moving down toward willow grove and the pa turnpike, no major delays however for masses transit. ukee? >> thank you. authorities in north jersey still work to go determine what killed the president and ceo of cooper health systems and his wife. the couple was discovered yesterday morning, following a fire at their montgomery
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township home. seventy-two year old john sheridan, jr. and his wife joyce found dead in their bedroom. the health system called sheridan a true gentleman and out standing leader. >> well, happening today, trial begins for former spots cast or don tollefson, charges he sole people and charity's bogus packages to supporting events. sixty-one year old accused of stealing more than quarter million dollars, from over 150 victims, checking money but never delivering the tickets. tollefson's lawyer says his client has addiction problem. >> officials missed the blacker it assessed the threat. he made the announcement in a exclusive interview, that aired on 60 minutes. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis with more. >> president obama admits, us intelligence under estimated the threat from isis. >> during the chaos of the
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syrian civil washing, essentially you have huge slots of the country completely un governed. they were table reconstitute themselves and take advantage that far chaos. and attract for infighters. >> in a exclusive interview with 60 minutes, the president also said the us over estimated the iraqi army's ability and will to fight. >> the iraqi's have to be to fight. they have to be willing to fight in a non-sectarian way, shiite sue yan curds alongside each other against this cancer in their midst. >> the us has been bombarding isis tarring nets iraq with air strikes since early august, it began hitting locations in syria almost a week ago with coalition of international partners. >> president obama insists he will not put american combat troops on the ground to secure the region. but house speaker john boehner says if allies or local forces can't get the job done, the us may have no choice. >> these are barbarians. they intend to kill us.
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if we don't destraut them first, we'll pay the price. >> says beyond military might, needs to be political solution, in washington, susan macinnis, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". for the first time in 13 years, transition of power in afghanistan. took the oath of office row placing karzai. karzai became president shortly after us troops invaded afghanistan in 2001. the new president is expected to sign a deal to keep about 10,000 american troops in afghanistan after this year. well, rescue teams are suspending their search for more victims in a deadly volcano erruption in japan. they found five more bodies, bringing the total presumed dead to 36. hundreds of hikers were on mount oneka it errupted saturday without warning. volcano trapped the hikers and covered wide area with ash. still ahead this morning, court appearance for the man accused after brutal and violent attack on his former co-workers in oklahoma. >> and, in sports, the eagles
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take it down to the wire. in the end yes they came up short. hear what coach kelsey saying about the birds first lost of the season. >> ♪ aroundment corner, late september, weather is nice, it is fine by me, you, everybody. >> 70s working for me. >> katie has your forecast, torrey looking at your traffic. good morning, family, see you in a bit. >> ♪
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how much sleep is enough? can your diet make you a target for disease? how do you decrease stress? which supplements are best? and which exercise gives the most benefit? well, happening today, the man accused of brutal and violent attack in oklahoma due in court. suspect will be arraigned, and charged as he continues to
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recover from the gunshot wounds he suffered last week after beheading one of his co-workers, andrew spencer reports. >> the accusations against alton nolan are hard for his family to hear. in a video posted on line, a woman who identifies herself as nolan's mother, says there must be another side of the story. >> i know what they're saying that he done, but i'm going to tell you this: that's not my son. >> nolan was fired from a food processing plant, in oklahoma last thursday, police say, he came back, later in the day, attacking the first people he saw using a knife to sever the head after woman in the front office, then stabbing another woman several times. police say, nolan had a facebook profile under a different name, with posts cents appearing to support islamic radicals. members of nolan's mosque describe the recent convert as distant, quiet, even odd. >> could you tell that he was different from everyone else. but as far as violence, we never saw it coming. >> but state troop here
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arrested nolan in 2010 saw a different side of him, at one point, she said, she had her gunpoint dollars at his back. >> if there had been anyway to know the things that he is alleged to have done, couple every days ago, i would have killed him when i had the opportunity. >> police say they expect to charge nolan with first degree murder, and assault with a deadly weapon. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. jody ash just returns to phoenix courtroom in the penalty re-trial for killing her boyfriend. jury selection starts this morning. our just admits killing travis alex and nerve 2008, but says it was self-defense, prosecutors say it was premeditated murder after alexander wanted to end their relationship. they are seeking the death penalty. first jury dead-locked on arias' punishment. a small community in alexandria, virginia, pulling together for the safe return of hannah graham. the university of virginia students neighborhood is lined with yellow ribbons. friends say they are holding
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out hope that she will be found alive. the 18 year old student was last seen more than two weeks ago, with jesse matthew, now in police custody in connection with her disappearance. our traffic and weather together. start things off with katie. good morning. >> good morning, everybody, well, this is the time of year we start to see that modest change, the leave colors, and starts to just get so fall-like. if you are not in the mood, for apple cidar, and pumpkin picking and all of that just yet, this is the thing i think that really gets you ready for t not seeing too much color. at least not here locally. going to have to be pretty far north, finger lake area, before you start to seymour violent colors. that will said, we will eventually see the change overtake place, and it should actually be a pretty good year for the foliage here in our area, just based on a bunch of different factors, that said, storm scan3 showing signs of life, primarily well off to the southwest, seeing, any signs of the wet weather. and this should all just stay completely out of the hair. not wore bid wet weather today. other than cloud cover, we
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keep high pressure on your side, stay dry out there dollars to. now, with that, also, said, it is cents still going toned up being warm day despite the cloud cover. at the beach, may not look all that great outside. but will feel pretty good to you. uv index bit lower courtesy of the clouds, also just the lowering sun and he will, water temperatures generally still in the low 70s for us at this point, and rip currents risk high pressure in place will stay very low for you, with very modest winds if any at allment meanwhile look ahead in the forecast, talking upper 70s tomorrow. partly sunny better part of the day. can i not rule out shower or pop up thunderstorm courtesy of the approach and eventual passage of the next very weak cold front. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much. katie. my bad. jump in real quick. starting this morning, guys, can't miss this. i got to be delivering your forecast on "kyw news radio 1060". so thrilled to be working with these guys full time as the exclusive weather provider. we get you through the morning commute. live updates all morning. >> couldn't miss that. >> thank you. >> good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on 95, as
8:16 am
well as the schuylkill, find the usual rush hour delays tow just give yourself more time. southbound 95, making your way approaching the area of the vine st. expressway, going to find volume out of the area of academy down through to 676. traveling northbound 95, around this way, you're fine, but delaware county little bit of different story. now traveling on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. we are seeing delays, i would say, real fry broad street all the way down through to the schuylkill expressway, once you get to 76, speed censors do drop down, lower than the teens, average 6 miles per hour westbound, on 76, right around the roosevelt boulevard, and eastbound as well. either way you cut it you're just slow on the schulkhill. same thing goes traveling 476 average speed 21 miles per hour, 12 on 95, watch out for heavy volume as well westbound on the pa turnpike out of bucks county then moving down toward that mid-county toll plaza area, also, traveling in delaware, 95 northbound, maryland avenue, we have an accident, just be careful it is causing some high traffic in this area, and also, if you are traveling in new jersey,
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259 southbound 38, an accident here, compromising one of the rages, no major delays however for masses transit. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. the eagles will try to bounce back from first lost of the season. when they take on the rams sunday at lincoln financial field. our beasley reese breaks down yesterday's eagles versus 49ers. >> it is almost impossible cents to lose a game, when you get two touchdowns from the special teams, one from the defense. the eagles did the near impossible in san francisco. we pick it up. great first half from the eagles special teams. and the defense, made nfl history become the first team to score on blocked punt, punt return, and this malcolm jenkins, 53-yard interception return for score. twenty-one-13, at half time. in the second half, the 9ers defense got tough after sake fumble. san francisco capitalized, kaepernick found johnson for the touchdown. cut the lead to one. and now it is 26-two; 9ers in the fourth, critical drive for the birds.
8:18 am
great catch by maclin, keep the drive alive. but on fourth down, on the san francisco one, the eagles could not score. then also, the first time this season, 26 to 21. >> you know, we get block punt for touchdown, you score twice on special teams, usually you ends upcoming out on top statistically when that happens, but we got to get some things straightened out on the offensive side of the ball for us. >> next up, for the eagles, the amounts at lincoln financial field on sunday. i'm beasley reese, now back -- back toutiesting. >> good look at the dallas cowboys last night in prime time. tony romo had three touchdown passes and demarco murray ran for over 100 yards for the fourth game in a row. the boys beat the saints 38 to 17. cowboys are now tied with the eagles, at three and one, and for the top spot in the ffc eastern division. well there is only about 150 days until pitchers and catchers to clearwater.
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phillies season ended when cole hamels throwing eight innings every two run, three hit balls, still losing, the braves beat the phils in the final game of 2014, two to one, the phils finish with the same record as last season, finish dead last in the national league east for the first time since the year 2,000. well, yankees greatest rivals, actually, honored the ultimate yankee yesterday. >> greeted by huge ovation at fenway park, last game of his career yesterday. red sox gave jeter parting gifts including to his charity. also game him fenway plaque adder reading respect with his number two on it. great to see that. >> great to see for sure. wow, can't believe it is over. take a look at the funny tweet from the wife of the rhett socks joe kelly t reads: when i was 12, i thought i would marry jeter. instead i married the guy that took a selfie with him during a ceremony. jeter likely making a trip to keepers town no doubt in five
8:20 am
years. >> that's great. >> i really appreciate that, you know, huge rivalry, but did the right thing. >> that's what it is all about. >> provide add loft enjoyment, probably a lot of pain, too, but that's what it is all b that's sports. >> right now 8:20. couple in australia, you might say, they had a whale after time swimming in the sea. >> coming up next this morning, close encounter is captured on camera. >> first, what's coming un tonight on the "cw philly".
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hanging around with us this sunday morning, couple every folks hanging around with a whale. >> can you imagine being the the ocean, just having these guys, pom their little heads up. huge heads up? >> two swimmers taking a stroll off the coast, in for surprise of a lifetime. >> this video is incredible. pair came by mother hump back whale and her calf. chilling out with the couple for more than an hour, even, sticking around when they got back into their boat. gave one swimmer plenty of time to grab a camera, snap under water selfie. >> that close, i wasn't going to let that opportunity pass by, especially with it being all around us, like i were, and you are never going to do that again. >> this is too much. the swimmers even tried to communicate with the whales, by slapping their arms on the water surface, and you can see, the whales mimic their human friends, by flapping their finals, as well. so trying to communicate, too.
8:24 am
>> that is amazing. i don't know if i would have had the nerve to do it. but they looked like they had fun. >> oh, no kidding. >> i mean, how quickly would you be in that boat for the first second? hang on, are these friendly? >> i know, exactly. good morning, family, we'll take a short break and be back in a little bit. see now bit.
8:25 am
>> good blocker, update on breaking news, a deadly house fire in kensington. chopper three was over the 2700 block of helen street, where a fire claimed the life of one person. the victim has not been identified, as of yet. peco has already been called to the scene, and there are reports of alleged illegal electrical connection at that scene. katie has your forecast now in the weather center. let's check in. >> good morning, everybody there is will actually ends up being decent day overall. while not as beautiful looking by comparison to the weekend, it was tough to beat that, we are still going to warm up nicely here today. and still keep high pressure on our side, looking dry, but a lot of cloud cover out there. storm scan3 shows it very well. don't worry about any wet weather issues, even though
8:26 am
you might see few speckles evergreen, looking closely out there, yes, might have little bit more of moisture rich system or air massey should say out there, but not expecting any wet weather. rather, just some more clouds. so, limited sun as a result, high still hitting 80 degrees though, drop to 62 tonight, normal low 55. so, it is definitely an above average night. then the next couple of days we do in fact stay above average at least by agree or two. but tuesday or wednesday could feature just spotty shower, or a thunderstorm. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everyone, full swing rush. doesn't matter where you are going, the schuylkill, 95, vine, pa turnpike, going to find the usual delays sprinkled all overment take a look at the schuylkill, 76 westbound, where you hit the usual pocket of at city avenue. westbound and eastbound, high volume, where you are dropping down the speed censors even less than 10 miles per hour, 6 miles per hour there. lots of red on the schuylkill, same thing goes traveling southbound, northbound, delaware county, 21 at of raj 476. this accident delaware northbound 95, at maryland avenue, mass transit doing
8:27 am
okay. ukee? >> torrey, thank you. next update at 8:55, up next, the world's top chefs aoun night for under-privileged children. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these
8:28 am
8:29 am
live look at center city, if you like this weekend's heat, we have good news, katie has your forecast coming up. >> let's look at traffic. showing you the schuylkill expressway.
8:30 am
we'll do traffic and weather together coming up in a few moments. >> police are asking the help for finds the car who hit this seven year old girl and kept going. >> syma chowdhry at the hospital with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that seven year old girl here at chop recovering after being the victim every hit-and-run driver. police are hoping you can help. there was eyewitness, that saw what happened, and followed that driver. and that witness ended up taking video of that driver, you have that video, you can see the person follow the driver, the driver was in a mitsubishi out lander after hitting seven year old alore mcclane, happened just before 7:00 sunday night outside of the little girl's home, fourth second and pennsgrove street. mcclane's family said she ran to get a ball that rolled into the street. when the car hit and dragged her. witnesses cents say, a car stopped to let the girl cross, but the driver behind that
8:31 am
person decided to go around the stopped car, and that is when the girl was struck. we are told she is in stable condition. now, the vehicle was last seen heading eason girard avenue, from 38th street, the person who followed the driver did not realize the victim was a little girl. >> if i knew it was cents 57 year oldie probably would have stopped him. i tried to tag him because i knew he hit somebody. if i knew it was cents a seven year old, no telling what i would have done. >> and police are looking for this car, it is a lights green mitsubishi out lander with pennsylvania license plate number: jky7458. if you have any information, you are being asked to contact police. live outside of chop, syma chowdhry, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". syma, thank you. now, new this morning, demonstrators took to the streets in ferguson, missouri where police say protests were peaceful, despite some arrests. people there continued to rally for justice in the shooting death after unarmed
8:32 am
black teenager on august 9th. evidence was presented to a grand jury, who will decide whether or not to indict officer darren wilson, and in michael brown's death. >> search for eric frein shifts slightly in the pawn know mountains, now in its 17th day. freon accused of killing pennsylvania state trooper, and injuring another outside the state police barracks in blooming grove. state police say their manhunt has moved a little bit now, but they believe frein is still in a five square mile wooded area near his parents home in monroe county. let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning, today will be one of those days that warms up very easily, but also, does feature more cloud cover. so do you have look at it sort of glass half full casino of forecast where it may not be as pretty looking as the weekend was, certainly still going to be as mild, and we're not tracking any wet weather at least not right now. despite what it looks like on storm scan3, see the clouds rolling, in you think something is coming, right? when you zoom out, there is,
8:33 am
in fact, pocket of very heavy rain across virginia, and then another back toward the appalachians, we don't have to worry about it, even though it looks like it is making bee line toward us, trust me, really just looking at clouds out there today. currently temperatures stands low to mid 60s out in drexel hit, 56 degrees, late september. that's big deal. sixty-seven the expected temperature we round out the 9:00 a.m. hour. ben, not going to see heck of a lot of sunshine, we still have the chance to warm up however to about 80 degrees, in philadelphia. later today, you know, again, despite the cloud cover, nice warm day, and certainly stays dry if you have any kind of outdoor plans scheduled, you can definitely keep them. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, if you are traveling on 422, the schuylkill, 202, 95, any place you would usually find rush hour traffic, exactly what you will have this morning. as we take a look at 422 approaching the area of troop their would be ear eastbound side, oaks down to 202, your
8:34 am
speed censors dropping, still consistently in the teens. westbound hit the usual pocket at city avenue. if you are traveling, westbound, on the schuylkill, starting to feel traffic approaching the vine. and then, it is sluggish all the way within your western suburbs, you have the same pattern reflected on the eastbound side, between 202, and the vine st. expressway. twelve is your average on 95, southbound slow out of the northeast, down through to the vine. southbound roosevelt boulevard, also, delayed trying to get to the schuylkill expressway. you're at 21 traveling on 476, northbound, jammed, 95, the media swarthmore, southbound slow, not only around the baltimore pike area but also mid-county toll plaza westbound on the pa turnpike seeing delays out of bucks county toward the mid-county toll plaza. and in new jersey, 995 northbound maryland avenue, we do have accident, but good news, mass transit to monday morning is fantastic. erika? >> philadelphia media hosting rallies as part of the push to push the minimum wage.
8:35 am
currently 7:25 an hour. >> rally starts at noon at fergie's public near 12th and sansom. demonstrate letters then march to the governor's offers on south broad street. ukee? >> two philadelphia archdioces churches affected by merges have church buildings are closing for good. the parish in west philly has serious mold that's too expensive for the new our laid of lourdes patchy to fix. fishtown has structural problems. it will cost millions for the new holy name of jesus parish to make repairs. two people hurt following suspicious fire in an apartment building in mt. airy over the weekends. it happened at the chestnut terrace apartments on stenton avenue sunday morning. "eyewitness news" was there as crews evacuated the building. authorities say they found evidence indicating someone used gasoline to start fires on the first and third floors. most residents were sleeping when the fires broke out.
8:36 am
we didn't know if we really should be going. something said open the door to check, when i opened, i saw black smoke, and within a minute, it was just dark. >> officials say the two people hurt suffered non-life threatening injuries. the red cross is assisting some residents. well, the eagles are looking ahead to this sunday game against the rams at home, and putting their first lost of the season behind them. yesterday, against the 49ers, in san francisco, eagles scored on blocked punt,.return, and this 53-yard nifty interception, returned by malcolm jenkins. called pick six. and the eagles are up 21 to 13 at the half. but the 9ers ended up getting back in the game. colin kaepernick through for one touchdown, gore through for 100 yards, even though the birds made run at the end, the 9ers ended up winning this game, your final score, 26-21. >> you know, we get block punt for touchdown, then you score twice on special teams, usually, you ends upcoming out on top statistically when that
8:37 am
happens. but, you know, we got to get some things straightened out on the offensive side of the ball to get this. >> they'll get it done. next up for the birds the st. louis rams, lincoln financial field, kick off, 1:00 p.m. this sunday. >> all right, you need little jolt to start your day? if so, perk up. because today is national coffee day. you can get some coffee for free. here is where to go. pick up free 16-ounce cup of wawa coffee, all day long, all do you have do is go to their facebook page first to printout the coupon. at krispy kreme, they are giving away free 12-ounce cups of coffee, and you can grab free cup of dunkin' donuts new dark roast today. so tons of options. >> it is out there. go get it. >> free coffee, what's not to like about that? >> we're watching television shows without cable hook up. how the options for home entertainment are growing nowadays. >> also, monster truck tragedy, horrific crash, into a crowd, captured on camera. >> and, the wetting -- wedding celebrations cents continue for mr. and mrs. clooney.
8:38 am
we will tell you what the newlyweds are up to today. be right back. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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>> out of control monster truck plows into a crowd in the netherlands, all caught on camera. driver lost control avenue driving over the cars, and drove straight into onlookers killing three people including a child. at least dozen more were hurt. police continue to question that truck driver. scary moments in the waters off the coast of florida that's where seven people including three children were rescued after their boat capsized 5 miles south of santa bell islands, near fort myers, florida video shows them hundred dollars egg together on top of the overturned boat. rescuers were able to pull everyone to safety. officials say rough waves caused that boat to take on water, and the engine to stall. the faa is expecting fewer concellations cents today, at chicago area airports after an act of sabatage halted flights over the weekend.
8:41 am
a new central computer ned work will be installed, hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed at o'hare international, mid-way international airports. investigators say, a contract employee started a fire, and an illinois traffic control center on friday. brian howard is charged with one count of destruction of aircraft, or aircraft facilities which is a felony. severe thunderstorms caused major damage at phoenix's international airport. a full ground stop was ordered for an hour. no planes were allowed to take off orland. part of the airport was flooded. unrelenting winds, took out windows at one of the terminals, and ripped off part of the airport's roof. the control tower was even briefly evacuated, until that storm calmed down. we are getting some pretty nice weather comparatively, katy? >> absolutely, you couldn't beat the weekends, so nice outside. just warm enough, not too hot, not humid at all, just bright and sunny, i mean, what more could you ask for? today we keep that warmth. we are going to start to see
8:42 am
the skyline get skewed little bit with a lot mover clouds cover. and you can actually see, are why. the clouds are really rolling in quickly here from southwest to northeast, we do have some precipitation obviously, as well, down over the virginia ands, but won't have a chance to reach usment don't worry about anything other than clouds today. we keep things dry. this guy, however, does move in, this will be our next wet weather producer, but even style -- still, the bark worse than the bite on this right now. looks like menacing front but will bring in spotty shower or storm. jump ahead tuesday morning, more sunlight to start the day off than what we are finding out there now, but will be scattered shower or storm, that fires up later in the day, wednesday, similar scenario, right now, pegging specially the south and western communities in our viewing area to get hit with shower or storm throughout the course of our wednesday afternoon. pretty much what you are looking at here, modest hiccup along the way, i would say tuesday, wednesday, not enough that you absolutely have to cart umbrella along with you,
8:43 am
just more after heads up. meantime today, very limited sunshine, for you out, there but still good day if you have outdoor plans, just expect the clouds, and it will warm up to a very comfortable 80 degrees high later today. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. well, little cozy on some of the majors, with a lot of folks trying to get to school and work this morning, we take a look at 476, we are experiencing slow down in either direction, southbound, northbound there is shot here not too far from the schuylkill. but if you are traveling southbound, seeing slow downs out of the mid-county toll plaza, down toward 76, even making your way around the media swarthmore area. northbound seeing delays between 95 and baltimore pike. if you are traveling on the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge, we do have a slow down here. we've been having it every morning, that construction taking out the right-hand lane, not fun for any of us. so seeing delays between the admiral wilson down toward eighth and vine. seven is your average on the schuylkill, 15 on 95, 28 476. tell by the speed censors, anywhere would you usually have rush hour volume it will be there this morning.
8:44 am
if you are traveling in delaware, 95 northbound, maryland avenue, we are seeing an accident there. also, new jersey, 295 southbound, 38, an accident is blocking one of the lanes. but the good news is that anyone traveling mass transit everything running on time for septa, new jersey and dart. things at the airport look pretty good. >> torrey, thank you, breaking news had he with the headlines, over 2700 block every helen street in kensington, a house fire has claim one life. flames broke out about 6:00 this morning. the cause of the fire is still being looked into. >> we have more breaking news right now. fire fighters upper dublin montgomery county had their hands full battling this fire overnight. brian sullivan sent us this video. the home is badly damaged, but no one was hurt. and a developing story, police are looking for the driver of a lime green mitsubishi out lander want the in connection with hit-and-run in west philly. seven year old girl is in the hospital with injuries.
8:45 am
words is mr. and mrs. clooney just made it official in a civil ceremony event us. >> we will show you new video of the clooney's head today their ceremony at the town city hall, george clooney, married amal, over the weekends, during a star studded celebration in italy. their celebrity friends through from all around the world, to witness the nuptials saturday. the human rights lawyer did what many thought was the impossible, she got my man to say i do. >> look at all of those boats around him. start off thinking oh, how nice, just the two of them. then you pull out and see all the of the photographers, everyone, congratulations. >> i met him a couple times. he is a very nice man. >> class act. j-lo and her twins and her bff were rearended we're told by suspected drunk driver. this were taking lopez's new suv for a spin, and actress lea was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. the suspect ran away, but, malibu police were able to catch up with him. no one was hurt. that vehicle was not seriously damaged.
8:46 am
>> it is about a guy who is a night in shining armor, lives in a world where nights don't exist any more. >> yes, danzel claims the top spot at the box office with his new thriller the equalizer, place retired intelligence officer goes up against brushing equalizer. did better than i'm expected took in $35 million in its opening weekends. maze runner dropped to second with 17 and a half million to add to its totals. box total was thirds, followed by this is where i leave you and dolphin tail two still doing well. in the top five. bridgette barrow turns 80 years old. the former french actress and singer was once known as a big screen sex symbol during the 1950's. she celebrated her birthday attending inauguration ralph a boat that shares her name. it was a rare appearance for her. she has not been seen in public in ten years. she now lives in san tree pay, and a graft mother of two. looking great. >> she looks great. >> options for home
8:47 am
entertainment, keeps on growing. >> americans are get that entertainment without cable or satellite hook up. begat shaban reports. >> reporter: continually, catches up with her favorite tv shows on her tablet. >> the 25 year old is one of growing number of consumers get their end taintment from streaming services cents like netflix, hue lou, a.m. zone, not from cable or satellite. >> my favorite charger. >> green and roommate elan don't even own a tv. >> no point real. >> i no. >> new report from the media analyst firm, finds the number of people who plan to cut their cable connection is growing, from 2.2% in 2012, to 2.9% this year. >> when you are talking about mass media, small numbers add up to mass numbers of people, and mass dollars. >> do you like how i met your mother? >> they say they don't miss cable. >> it is not like there is anything on tv that i can't finds on the internet anyway. >> one big exception is live sports programming,.
8:48 am
>> least likely group are active viewers of espn. >> cable and satellite companies are trying to hold onto customers with cheaper prices, original programming, and extra premium channels and services cents that allow customers get their shows on phones, computers and tablets. but analysts say it may not be enough to stop a steady stream of viewers from cutting the cord in the future. in los angeles, begat shaban, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i 8:48. weather perfect for the 52nd annual puerto rican day parade. sound of celebration and culture could be heard along the ben franklin parkway. >> ♪ >> parade feature festive floats, beauty queens, 1500 marchers, and salsa dancers perform to go crowd of thousands. many generations came out to celebrate saying it is an annual tradition. >> it is an opportunity to come out and really celebrate our culture, our cultural values, our cultural norms. we do that through bands.
8:49 am
>> the parade part of the celebrations that is take place every year during puerto rican week, afterward, the party continued as many parade revelers returned to their neighborhoods for even more fun. well, with the start of the school year, comes busier schedules, sports practices, play dates, and all of that carpool coordination. you can keep your family connected and organized with new app, there is a couple of them on the market, designed to work like more inlet that the social media experience. cnet's kara tsuboi reports on her recommendations in this tech minute. >> stream on your family communication by all download g using one app to check in, make plans, and share locations. free website and app for iphones, android, aims to keep it in the family. once group or cab sin created sends messages to everyone or individuals. also, the service lets you create share tasks and shopping lists, send photos, view real time map locations. another option, life 360.
8:50 am
free app for iphone and androids. life 360 lets users create multiple circles, one for close family, another for caretakers, another for a particular event in group of friends. then send messages back and forth, share locations and even follow one's path in real time on a map. finally, there is family wall. another free app that works in similar way. additional stand out features include family calendar and the ability to create photo albumns so you can share outside of your private network n san francisco, kara tsuboi, "eyewitness news". all right, we will be right back. >> good morning, see you in a bit. >> this year wouldn't you like to make it through the cold and flu season without getting sick? starting monday, october 6, america's top health experts reveal the best ways to get your immune system in tip-top shape. how much sleep is enough? can your diet make you a target for disease? how do you decrease stress?
8:51 am
which supplements are best? and which exercise gives the most benefit?
8:52 am
>> call this molecular chemistry. one vendor blasting negative 320 degrees nitrogen. 320 degrees nitrogen. at the heavy cream for milliseconds. and are getting some of the most creamy, most ice cream around. other than making the ice cream even creamier, we're told the nitrogen has no ill effect. nitrogen. >> creamier ice cream? >> nitrogen. >> i can dig it. >> do they make a flavor called millie vanilla? >> oh, bing. i literally just came one that. >> shear's here all week.
8:53 am
>> weather headlines, you won't see as much sunlight unfortunately today. the clouds skewing. that will but overall, nothing more than couple of minor hiccups in the week ahead here weather wise, guys, we stay nice and warm today, shooting for 80, even despite the clouds, i do think you've got shot for shower or thunderstorm, very pot any nature tomorrow and wednesday. and right now looks like we will stay above average with temperatures until we hit the upcoming weekends, when ' see much cooler air eventually work its way back into the forecast. torrey? >> thank you, katie. speaking of hiccups, you still have pockets of traffic going to set you back all over the map. nine is your average on the schuylkill, 14 on 95, still in the 30's traveling 476, along line of westbound volume on the pa turnpike out of really bucks county, all the way throughout the mid-county. we still have an accident, delaware, rather, 95 northbound, maryland avenue. if you are traveling in new jersey, still, expect some of that slow going traffic on the 42 approaching the walt whitman bridge. >> thank you, appreciate t quick reminder for all of how
8:54 am
wake up earl which us each morning, we go on the air 4:30 a.m. sister station cbs-3, tell your friends, many of you are up, so are we bringing the news traffic weather and sports and like to bring it to you extra early. >> hey, by the way. >> don't forget more local news weather traffic and sports always on, at >> and check out talk philly at noon on cbs-3, back in 30, with hundred more check of
8:55 am
good morning, the search is on for the driver involved in a hit-and-run, that sent a little girl to the hospital, police say a green mitsubishi out lander hit seven year old girl yesterday, near 42nd and pennsgrove street in west philadelphia. and the driver did not stop. a neighbor saw it happen, and was able to grab their same phone and take some video of the car involved. police say that young victim is in guarded condition, right now. all right, back to work, back to school, let's get our forecast, kick things off with katie. >> overall this forecast actually very nice one. say for the fact seymour clouds sort of skewing the beautiful sunlight we had all weekend long, but will stay mild. it is going to stay dry here today. that's all still courtesy of high pressure, but, there is some change taking place here on storm scan3, and very
8:56 am
evident with the satelite layer, a lot of high clouds has funneled for us, so very limit in the terms of the sunlight here today. warm up nicely to 08 degrees in philadelphia, maybe not quite that hi, through the outlying sub serbs, but still warmer than average. that's bottom line. partly cloudy, comfy tonight. by tomorrow, even though we are expect to go seymour sunshine, coy see shower or thunderstorm, firing up for some of you, especially, through the afternoon and very similar forecast, as well, wednesday. that's courtesy of the next approaching and passing colds front by mid week. tory? >> thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, we take a look at the ben franklin bridge, seems to be it is looking a little bit better out there. this shot here, of new jersey, making your way in toward philadelphia, still, little slow approaching the mid-span down toward eighth and vine. but earlier this toll plaza completely jammed. starting to pick up in areas, then other areas just not. nine your average on the schuylkill, 14 on 95, making your way into downtown philadelphia. in the 30's traveling the blue route, volume westbound on the
8:57 am
pa turnpike out of bucks county down toward montgomery county. also cents an accident, delaware, 95 northbound, maryland avenue. it is compromising a lane causing delays, but no delays for mass transit. erika? >> torrey, thank you. that's eyewitness witness news for now, talk philly coming up at noon. great
8:58 am
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>> lost. >> i was way beyond my limits. >> and dehydrated. >> blurry vision, headaches. >> a hiker has to fight the elements. >> i was on my own. >> or die trying. >> dead, dead. >> our seven blaze continues on today's "700 club". >> welcome to "700 club" of this edition. the republican ticket seems to be moving smartly ahead of the democrat for a seat


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